Rising Cities

Cement your legacy in Rising Cities! Lead your city to new heights by ensuring the well-being of residents and striking lucrative deals with other mayors.

Excel as a world-class strategist and manager to lead your very own city!.

Invest in industry and infrastructure, while managing resources and producing a variety of goods, to both ensure the well-being of residents and line your civic coffers. RISING CITIES gives you the chance to guide your city from humble rural beginnings to an outlandish cosmopolitan metropolis. The game includes all necessary elements to keep you involved. Producing, growing and trading keep your economy running – expanding and decorating the landscape of your city makes your citizens feel comfortable.

Bonus: Sign up for Rising Cities via JoyClix and receive an extra item set for free:

  • 1x Surfer Van
  • 10 x MetroMoney (MM)
  • 100 x Lumber
  • 50 x Beams
  • 2.500 CityCredits (CC)


Rising Cities Screenshots