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Joyclix is also availabe in the Windows Store and Chrome Webstore

The JoyClix App gets you instant access to the best free online games you can find among the browser based online games.

The Joyclix App provides you with a short summary, screenshots and video material. We’ll inform you about special offers and in-game events.
And for individual games we’re providing you with attractive starter packages.

Joyclix App for Windows

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To stay in touch with Joyclix live on your Windows Desktop – download the Joyclix Windows App now!Joyclix Windows App Screenshot Our Joyclix Google Chrome App is the easiest way to get connected and stay in touch with our online portfolio of browser games.Joyclix Chrime Webstore Screenshot
Joyclix Windows App Joyclix Chrome Webstore

  • the most popular free browser based online games
  • bonus codes or starter packages to make gameplay access easier
  • always up-to-date with special offers and in-game events
  • recommend your favourite game to your friends
  • simply attach your favourite game right to your desktop with a right mouse click